Rope Color Collection


My Rope Color Collection set includes:

  • My Premium Rope Halter
  • My 12- or 15-foot Premium Training Lead
  • My 9- or 10-foot signature Solid Loop Rope Reins

Whether you want matching sets to easily tell what set goes to each of your horses (like me!), or to mix-and-match, I’ve got exactly what you and your horse want in my Rope Color Collection.

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Bundle Price:   $158.65

Solid Loop Rope Reins—voted #1 Product by Julie and her Fans

  • Top quality marine rope reins
  • 5/8ths” diameter -Easy to hold especially helpful for riders with arthritis or disabilities
  • Available in 9 foot or 10 foot length
  • Quick connectors for easy attachment to bit-10 seconds & done
  • Center marker useful visual to keep reins even
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Handmade in the USA

Premium Rope Halter with Accent Noseband

  • Top quality marine rope-ideal stiffness for ease of use and durability
  • Regular horse size-fits most horses-Arabian to Thoroughbreds-adjustable crown piece
  • Knots tied in strategic places to help your horse understand specific cues
  • 15 color combinations-vibrant or traditional colors to accentuate your horse’s color
  • Wrapped accent noseband available in two styles: flat or round noseband
  • Flat noseband for those well trained horses who just need an occasional reminder
  • Round noseband for large horses and those whose who need more training
  • Useful for groundwork training
  • Round noseband works well for those who like to ride in their rope halter
  • No additional knots on the noseband to confuse or build resistance in your horse.

Premium Marine Rope Lead

  • Heavyweight-soft marine rope
  • 12’ or 15’ length
  • 5/8th’s” diameter
  • Available in 9 beautiful colors
  • Loop end to attach to halter
  • Leather popper on lead end
  • Manufactured in the USA

Color Collections: 

  • Turquoise Collection:  Turquoise reins, Turquoise  lead, Turquoise halter w. Black noseband
  • Raspberry Collection: Raspberry Reins, Raspberry lead, Black halter w. Raspberry noseband
  • Tan Collection: Tan reins, Tan lead, Black halter w. Tan noseband
  • Black Collection: Black reins, Black lead, Black halter w. Pacific Blue noseband
  • Black Collection: Black reins, Black lead, Black hatler w. Red noseband
  • Blue Collection: Pacific Blue reins, Blue lead, Pacific Blue halter w. Black noseband
  • Chocolate Brown Collection: Brown reins, Brown lead, Brown halter with Turquoise noseband
  • Orange Collection: Orange reins, Black lead, Orange halter with Black noseband
  • Pine Green Collection: Pine reins, Pine lead, Pine halter with Tan noseband

Note from Julie:

In the last several years, I’ve gone from having one personal horse, to three and now four, with the most recent addition of my colt, Pepperoni. For me, that means:

  • 4 Halters
  • 4 Leads
  • 4 sets of Reins
  • 4 Saddles
  • 4 Pads
  • 4 Bridles

Problem: How could I organize all my horse’s tack so everyone knows which horse’s tack is which.

Solution:  Color Coordination!

Now when I ask someone to get me the bridle I need, which is hanging in the tack room with about 50 other bridles. I just say, “Bring me the bridle with the pink reins.”

  • Dually, wears pacific blue, to compliment his rich black chestnut One glance in the tack room and I can find his bridle, halter and lead, all because of the pacific blue.
  • Eddie, classic hunter green, to go with his sorrel
  • Annie, my young mare, looks pretty in raspberry —in keeping with her cute-as-a-button appearance.
  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Package Contains

Weight 46.4 oz
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 in
Rope Color Collection

Turquoise Collection, Raspberry Collection, Tan Collection, Pine Collection, Black with Pacific Blue noseband, Black with Red noseband, Pacific Blue Collection, Chocolate Brown Collection, Orange Collection

Halter with Accent Noseband Type

Round Noseband, Flat Noseband

Rein Length

9 Foot, 10 Foot

Lead Length

12 foot, 15 foot


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