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From the Ground Up: Lead Line Leadership (DVD)

  • Learn to communicate with your horse
  • Establish relationship and become the leader your horse craves
  • Enjoy a safer & calmer horse
  • 120 minutes run time

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Improving your relationship with the horse through a 4-step process that teaches your horse good ground manners and to respect you as his leader. This is the Video you need if your horse pushes into you on the ground, crowds your space, bites, nips, won’t stand still, or won’t walk with you—either pulling behind or walking in front of you. This is your chance to be the herd leader in your herd of two. Julie explains horse behavior and how it relates to your relationship as you lead your horse from the barn to the tie post or any time you lead and handle your horse. Also great for helping prepare for showmanship competition or ensuring that your horse has the proper basic training.

Additional Information

  • Enhance your relationship with your horse and ensure he has great ground manners
  • Learn to make sure your horse stands quietly and leads politely
  • Guidelines you’ll use each time you handle your horse

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Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

3 reviews for From the Ground Up: Lead Line Leadership (DVD)

  1. Academy Support

    Nancy B. I have been away on vacation from my gelding for 2 weeks. The last 2 days I have been re-establishing my role as leader using Julie’s rope halter and matching lead line. Using her Lead Line Leadership and Round Pen Reasoning DVDs has been a tremendous help…tomorrow I ride knowing Moe is listening to me and looking for guidance from me.

    Linda K. I have the ground work and lead line DVD’s! I love them! I’d like to have all your DVD’s!

  2. Academy Support

    Lin M. commented on your status:
    “Hear, hear – Julie! I was given a 5 yr/o green mare with lots of issues, including standing for the farrier. She was also bad about throwing her head up & pulling back I started with Lead-Line Leadership as you suggested & concentrated on head-lowering & ground-tying. Then, I tackled her feet issue by 1st rubbing her legs, slo-o-owly picking each foot up only about 6 inches, and cradling it securely in my hand. That was followed by more leg-rubbing until she relaxed when I’d slo-o-owly lower her foot back to the ground. If she yanked it away, I just kept on rubbing her leg & picking it up. I increased the height in increments until the mare was so desensitized, she’d fall asleep! This was a real test of patience because it took quite a few sessions, but the process worked like a charm. She’s great for the farrier now. MzLin”

  3. Academy Support

    I just received the Lead Line Leadership and Round Pen Reasoning DVD’s (along with the special gift of the first series of Horsemaster – Thank you). I cannot put in to words how wonderful Julie’s teaching style is to watch. I have watched DVD’s from two other popular trainers, but have always come away confused or not sure how to implement the training on my different horses personalities and responses. With Julie using various horses for each segment of training I can relate the training to fit my three very different personality as well as different training level horses. My family and I watched most last night and everyone seemed to not only get the how but also the why of what Julie was doing. Julie repeats the information enough that it sticks in your head.

    I believe that I have finally found the trainer that will work for me, my family and my horses. I wanted to let Julie know what a blessing her training videos are and how much I appreciate what she does. Linda H

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