MB-04 Combination with Rawhide Noseband, Myler Bit

  • The 04 mouthpiece has a very small port, offering a minor amount of tongue relief to the horse.
  • It is a snaffle-like mouthpiece, but with some tongue-relief.
  • This bridle bit is my first choice for colt-starting because the 3-ring still allows you to ride more off nose pressure.
  • This bit is great for a horse that is sensitive in the mouth, has a lot of anxiety and/or is not always easy to control.
  • This bit will cause you to feel more control, while reducing the anxiety in the horse.
  • I prefer the rawhide noseband for colt-starting or for green or difficult-to-control horses.
  • 89-31044R, 31045R, 31047R Stainless Steel 3-Ring Combination Bit, available mouthpiece sizes 4 3/4″ ; 5″; 5 1/2″ , with 6″ shank.
  • The low port coper inlay mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts, harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.
  • Comes with rawhide noseband and synthetic black curb strap with hook on one end for ease of use.
  • Level 2 bit.
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Find out more about Myler bits and see the free video and link to the “bitting assistant” here:

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Weight 9.6 oz
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4.75 inch, 5 inch, 5.5 inch, 6 inch

2 reviews for MB-04 Combination with Rawhide Noseband, Myler Bit

  1. Academy Support

    Thanks , Julie !! I saw you at the Albany horse expo in Oregon last march . I asked about myler bits for my grand daughter with less than perfect hands and her older horse that had been a pasture ornament for several years. It took some time to save the money, but I bought the bit with the nose band. I rode her once and was really happy with her response . The true test came a few days later when Kate came to ride. I showed her how to put it on, and how to test it on the ground before mounting up for the first time. At first, the mare tried to test Kate. She was made to work hard at some all circles and serpentines. Before the end of the ride, they were cantering both ways, lots of stops and departs . It was awesome! Both of them have lots more confidence. The bit was worth every penny! Thanks again ! Bonnie

  2. Academy Support

    I have used the bit assistant & now have a Myler bit for our 2 horses. (I also actually called Mr. Myler who was so much help & I didn’t feel like I was bothering him) Between the videos and the bits I have been able to improve my horsemanship. Thankyou!!-IL

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