MB-03 Eggbutt without Hooks, Myler Bit Size 5


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  • 03 eggbutt no hooks (comfort snaffle with copper roller)
  • This is the Myler version of a “regular” snaffle. It has a three-piece jointed mouthpiece with a copper roller in the middle (to keep the horse busy with his tongue).
  • Like all the Myler bits that we offer, it has an ergonomic shape for the horse’s mouth and it will not collapse or pinch like a single-jointed, flat mouthpiece would.
  • I would use this in place of a traditional single-jointed snaffle and/or if I wanted to use a bit that did not have “hooks.”
  • 89-29035 Stainless Steel Eggbutt without hooks.
  • Stainless steel comfort snaffle with copper roller (MB 03, Level 1) Copper Inlay 5″ mouthpiece.
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