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Goodnight’s Principles of Riding: Refinement & Collection (DVD)

  •  116 minutes run time
  • Continuation from Volumes 1-4
  • Refine your position
  • Learn Rein Aids
  • Learn to move every part of your horse’s body independently or together
  • Collection
  • Perfect precision in your riding helps collection

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In Volumes 1-4 of Goodnight’s Principles of Riding you developed your feel, cues, rhythm and balance—and helped to teach your horse how to respond. Now it’s time to refine your position and cues and to become an elite, refined rider. Julie clearly demonstrates how to ride while conducting your horse’s every step. You’ll learn how to engage your horse’s mind and body as you apply subtle-yet-effective leg and rein cues. Your precise riding will help you collect your horse into a perfect, athletic position.  Just under two hours run time.


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  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

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