MB-04 Combination with Leather Noseband, Myler Bit


  • Three-ring Combination, 04 mouthpiece, leather noseband,
  • The 04 mouthpiece has a very small port, offering a minor amount of tongue relief to the horse. It is a snaffle-like mouthpiece, but with some tongue-relief.
  • This mouthpiece is my first choice for colt-starting or for a snaffle bit, but the 3-ring still allows you to ride more off nose pressure.
  • This bit is great for a horse that is sensitive in the mouth, has a lot of anxiety and/or is not always easy to control.
  • This bit will cause you to feel more control, while reducing the anxiety in the horse.
  • It is also useful for trained horses that are nervous, sensitive, spooky or cannot tolerate the rider’s hands.
  • 89-31044, 31045, 31047 Stainless Steel Myler 3-Ring Combination Bit Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle mouthpiece with Copper Inlay (MB 04, Level 2), with a 6″ Shank.
  • This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts.
  • Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.
  • Now comes with black leather noseband and synthetic black curb strap.

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Find out more about Myler bits and see the free video and link to the “bitting assistant” here: Bit Help



Weight 9.6 oz
Bit Size

4.75 inch, 5 inch, 5.5 inch, 6 inch


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