From the Ground Up: Bit Basics (DVD)

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  • Teach young horses to accept bit pressure and come off contact
  • Instruction includes reconditioning of the older horse
  • Companion to Bitting system
  • Learn how to use bitting system effectively to create a light and responsive horse
  • 105 minutes run time

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The complete training process for the young horse learning to respond to the bit for the very first time and remedial training for an older horse that’s evading the bit by head tossing, star-gazing, rooting and jerking on the rider. You’ll learn about how bits work as great aids and why some horses learn to avoid bit pressure. Find out what signs to look for to know if your horse is happy with your hands or avoiding your rein and bit pressure.

Whether you have a horse to train or want to help your finished horse learn to carry himself easily without your constant rein cues, this systematic training process is for you. Goodnight’s easy-to-understand, step-by-step process teaches the horse to be light and responsive, giving to the rider’s hands as he carries himself in a relaxed and rounded frame. The Bitting System replaces the need for side reins and helps the horse find a release as he moves—something side reins and draw reins can never produce.

Additional Information:

  • Instruction for using an elbow pull bitting system from the ground
  • The horse learns to come off of bit pressure while rounding up
  • The horse learns on its own to round their frame-first step to collection
  • For young or inexperienced horses as well as reconditioning of older hollowed out horses
  • Teaches lightness and responsiveness

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Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

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