marine rope

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  • Rein Clip Connector
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    Rein Clip Connector


    • Quick Connect bit to rein w/o metal snaps
    • Easy to connect bit to reins in seconds (Click here to see how to use the rein clips)
      1. Slide keeper back
      2. Loop comes off knot
      3. Place bit or rein over loop
      4. Place loop back over knot
      5. Slide keeper back to knot
      6. DONE
    • Durable marine cord
    • Sold in pairs
    • Replace buckles on reins with these cord connectors
    • Soft connection from rein to bit
    • Fantastic for sensitive horses
    • Color: Black
    • Manufactured in the USA
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  • Traditional Rope Halter
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    Traditional Rope Halter


    Traditional Rope Halter

    ·         Top Quality Marine Rope

    ·         3 sizes

    ·         Regular horse size-fits most horses-Arabian to Thoroughbreds-adjustable crown piece

    ·         Available in yearling/pony or draft sizes

    ·         Knots tied in strategic places (pressure points) to help your horse understand specific cues

    ·         5 colors –vibrant or traditional colors to accentuate your horse’s color

    ·         Useful for groundwork training

    ·         No additional knots on the noseband to confuse or build resistance in your horse

    ·         Comes with tying instructions

    ·         Manufactured in the USA


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  • Goodnight’s Solid Loop Rope Reins
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    Goodnight’s Solid Loop Rope Reins


    Julie’s Favorite & Voted #1 by Fans!

    • Top quality marine rope reins
    • 5/8ths” diameter -Easy to hold especially helpful for riders with arthritis or disabilities
    • Available in 9 foot or 10 foot length
    • Quick connectors for easy attachment to bit-10 seconds & done
    • Center marker useful visual to keep reins even
    • Available in 8 different colors

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