From the Ground Up: Round Pen Reasoning (DVD)

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  • Learn how to be the leader
  • Build a respectful relationship that is fulfilling for human and horse
  • Learn to communicate clearly with your horse
  • Learn to set boundaries
  • 105 minutes run time


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Several different horses going through 5 stages of round pen training to establish yourself as herd leader and develop a better relationship with the horse based on respect and trust. Julie explains the basics of reading equine body language and guides you through the steps you’ll need to work your horse safely. Find out about the proper gear to have with you, how to control your body posture, and what to look for in your horse’s movements.

Additional Information:

  • Do you have a horse that is hard to catch? The methods in this DVD will solve the issue-you will be able to catch your horse anywhere with ease
  • Is your horse green or rescued? This DVD offers a great place to start your relationship so you have a close bond
  • Step by step exercises
  • Establish foundations of respect & communication with young horses or older mounts
  • Learn how to get your horse to “join up” (or buddy up) with you

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Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

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1 review for From the Ground Up: Round Pen Reasoning (DVD)

  1. Linda H. (store manager)

    As a first-time horse owner without an on-site person to help me learn skills, this DVD (and the roundpen flag) worked wonders! I watched the DVD a couple of times, then took my flag and horse into the roundpen. He responded perfectly. Julie’s instruction is very clear and helpful, and demonstrates how to work with horses with different spirit levels.

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