Three-ring Combination

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  • MB-32-3 Combination Rawhide Noseband, Myler Bit – Size 5
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    MB-32-3 Combination Rawhide Noseband, Myler Bit – Size 5


    Three-ring Combination, 32-3 (triple barrel) mouthpiece, rawhide noseband Size 5

    • I use this bit on any horse that is very green and/or may be difficult to control at times—be it fearful behavior, ignorance or obstinacy.
    • This is an excellent bit for colt-starting or for horses that for one reason or another, you may have to take manual control of.
    • Like all combos, this bit is very mild but the triple barrel mouthpiece gives you enough tongue pressure when there is no ‘power steering’ and the rawhide on the noseband allows you enough leverage so that you do not use too much mouth pressure, thus keeping the horse calmer and more compliant.
    • I like having the rawhide noseband on any horse that I am trying to use less mouth pressure and more nose pressure on.
    • The rawhide gives me more control of the nose with less pressure and less effort.
    • 89-31315R rawhide noseband. Stainless Steel 3-Ring Combination Bit, 5″ wide sweet Iron Mullen Triple Barrel (MB32-3) mouthpiece with copper Inlay.
    • 6″ Shank with three rings.
    • Sweet Iron naturally oxidizes or rusts; harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.
    • Comes with a rawhide noseband and synthetic black curb strap.
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