Troubleshooting Behavior Issues

Whether your horse refuses to be caught and haltered, tosses his head while you ride, kicks and bites when you place the saddle, constantly stops at the gate, or in general has a bad attitude, these worst-case scenario episodes of Horse Master will help you see how to handle most any troublesome behavior. Watch the episodes you loved on TV–all based on one training theme! You’ll have step by step directions from Julie and over 90 minutes of instruction!

BONUS: Behind-the-scenes footage from three different episodes!
  • Don’t Cinch Me In (cinchy) Cinchy behavior
  • Can’t Make Me (refuses to cross tarp) Refusing obstacles
  • Rules of the Game (hard to catch) Hard to catch
  • Mustang Mascot (gate sour, balky) Gate sour
  • Bad Medicine (de-worm) Refusing medication